Celtic lunar astrology and the symbolism of animals

Celtic lunar astrology and the symbolism of animals

The Celts honored the rhythms of nature, and observed different perfumes of their environment according to the season. Like the Amerindians, the full moon of each month corresponded to a particular personality.

It can not be said that the ancient Celts designated the animal totem of astrology according to the time and day of the birth of a relative. However, we can say that the Celts were unquestionably linked to the animal world.

Plunge your mind back into the Celtic era and observe: their breathing in union with forest breathing. Their hearts beat to the rhythm of wild beasts. Indeed, there was no distinction between man and nature in Celtic ideology. As people know, there was no delimitation. They were one.

In this dynamic spirit of unity, I invite you to communicate with your own Celtic lunar animal-totem. Explore the possibilities your lunar totems have for you. Also, explore all the animal personalities in the Celtic Year.

This could improve your knowledge about the people around you, the animals that resonate in us, and resonate with the glory of our universe.

Celtic animal astrology and its meanings:

The Deer / Deer: December 24 - January 20

He has great ideals and great aspirations. If you want to start a new project, ask a deer sign to help you. They will not change their vision. They are meticulous, patient and their perseverance assures them glory. When the others have already abandoned for a long time, deer them, surpass their limits. They are proud, and rightly so, they behave majestically.

They are naturally noble, as if they came from royalty. That does not mean they feel they are right. Far from there. They believe in good works and their integrity is what characterizes them.

The cat: January 21 - February 17

Quick-minded, the cat of astrology foils the traps in the realm of intelligence. This Celtic sign has incredible reasoning abilities, and has a sort of sixth sense to detect problems. They have an unorthodox vision and should be called upon when they need a new perspective in a project.

They also have a kind of humanitarian quality that makes them adorable. Although sometimes they may seem aside as they like to be on the sidelines, they always watch. Nevertheless they have the best intentions. Cats are very creative and need an artistic outlet to express themselves.

The Snake / Viper: February 18 - March 17

They seem quiet from the outside but are infinitely alive. They are curious and always ask many questions about how the world works, and how people work around them (even if they do not ask it openly, you can bet they will determine the answers in Their head). Snakes communicate naturally, and they can be very persuasive. If a cause fascinates them, they can bring the whole neighborhood together with their zeal and enthusiasm for their goal.

Snakes can be spontaneous and also unpredictable. And even if they are flexible, they like things to be done in their own way, and will prove to be uncooperative if left out.

The Fox: March 18 - April 14

The fox is incredibly cunning and knows how to walk around the room with a cunning humor. Overflowing with tricks, the vigor and luminous intelligence of the fox is an indomitable force. This Celtic sign is the only one to take you on exotic holidays, they will transform your roads into incredible adventures. They have a gift to tell stories, and all the experiences are good to take for their stories.

They are compassionate, even if they rarely show you that side of them, because they are too busy playing and making jokes. However, they are not afraid to show their loyalty. If you are the friend of the fox, you have a friend for life. Very dynamic and courageous, the fox has an indomitable spirit.

The Bull / Cow: April 15 - May 12

Forts, magnets, stable and safe are the key words for the bulls of the Celtic lunar year. Cows / bulls are those to whom you turn when you need a shoulder to cry, honest advice and good advice (especially in relationships). They have an eye of beef and can spot a liar at a kilometer. Since they are very intuitive, one can mistakenly believe that they are in a bad mood or too emotional.

They also have a stubbornness for honesty. They have very good tastes, and have a gift for stylish elegance in the fashion and decoration of their home. They are also reliable and know how to keep a secret.

The hippocampus: May 13 - June 19

This sign is very flexible and resourceful. They are the ideal people to manage your finances or your legal affairs because they are infinitely intelligent (if there is a flaw, either they find it or they invent it.) They also have an incredible memory. They are sometimes difficult to follow because they have very keen minds.

They can be changing, but they still have a lot of charisma. These people are very versatile and adapt remarkably to all environments. Seahorses are also adorable. Better yet, they love to be worshiped and easily return affection.

The wren  : 10 June - 7 July

The wren is associated with the opening of new fresh ideas, and more sunny dispositions. They are natural health care providers and they will do what they can to encourage their friends and family. They remain calm in the midst of storms. You would like to have these people with you if you were in a crisis; They are inventive and remain calm under pressure.

Wrenlets are motivated (they know how to get what they want) and work best solo. They also have a high sense of responsibility and moral integrity. They seek balance in their lives by being leaders at work, but secretly they would prefer to lead a Bohemian life abroad.

The horse: July 8th - August 4th

Exuberant, generous and powerful, the horse gives you for your money. Naturally competitive, and rightly so. The horse is very talented and has enough confidence to shop around, especially with regards to business. They have a sixth sense for strategy and navigation (they have an internal compass). They are gregarious, and openly charmers (even dragers).

They make remarkable entries and know how to behave with style and authority. They succeed in leadership positions, but they also like to be clan assistants (as long as they receive the recognition they deserve for their talent and contribution). Potentially stubborn, they are valiant in adversity.

Salmon / fish: August 5 - September 1

Salmon plunge deep into their inner waters for inspiration, a brilliant vision and a dreamy perspective. They are naturally intuitive but will not make a big deal. These people have a unique way of seeing the world, making them some of the best artists, poets and visionaries in the community.

Sometimes they dive too deep for others, and some can not keep up where they swim. But it's normal, the fish need this type of depth, isolation and introspection because when they return to the surface, the world is impressed by their brilliance and insight.

The Swan: September 2 - September 29

Spiritually evolved and eloquent to express itself, the swan swims with an innate class. They have high standards, infinitely discriminating tastes and have a keen eye for beauty (even when others can not see it). Very refined and noble, the swan is sometimes mistakenly designated as detached. This is not the case, however. The swan is a lover, and can be extremely passionate in his relationships. This "tranquility" comes from understanding the calm of the swan.

They are naturally aristocrats. They can be demanding in detail, and have specific ideas on how things should be done. If you want someone who is insightful, organized and very tasteful, ask for advice from a swan.

The butterfly: September 30 - October 27

This Celtic animal sign respects the adage "social butterfly". Passing from friend to friend in the evenings, and always in touch with his / her relatives (they are always those who are on the phone or send messages). Butterflies are soft souls that can not be held for very long. They like to dream, express new ideas and talk about extravagant ideas with all their friends.

They are the people who brighten up a bad day with their joy and their lively personality. They are naturally empathic and will never intentionally harm anyone. In fact, they make friends easily and like to see other grandis. Butterflies will bring a sense of wonder and youth in our world. Keep these people in your life not to forget how beautiful life can be.

The Wolf / Dog: October 28 - November 24

Wolves have a great sense of duty, and will go very far to make their point of view and make themselves understood. This Celtic animal sign is intrepid, courageous and rarely compromises. These are the heroes you want by your side in full combat. They will not shrink from anything. The others are amazed by their inner courage. Where do they find the energy and the means to continue?

They like to take up challenges, which is what gives them their stamina. They have an irreproachable character and they are honorable persons. They have a strong will and sometimes respect the label "lone wolf". Nevertheless, you always know where you stand with them, and they will unite with you as long as you share their cause.

The hawk / hawk: November 25 - December 23

When they see something they want, they use a remarkable strength to get it. However, if they are not interested in a project, they will fly to other interesting possibilities. They care deeply about wisdom and often focus on sharing that knowledge with others.

They can be very generous and philanthropic. They have a keen sense of balance, they navigate life with an inner "true north" that creates a mysterious integrity in them. They are open-minded and philosophical. Even if they have all sorts of assumptions, they remain fairly poised on their position. That does not mean they are not convinced.